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Web Hosting


Today, having a web site is more important than a yellow page ad. Often times a web site at your own web address is required for business identification. Your web site is an essential part of your business and needs to be dependable and accessible so customers and partners alike can find you. Yes! We Host! focuses on the basics for hosting:

  • Reliability - your sites are hosted in a Data Center enviroment, with redundant Internet connections and power
  • Responsivenss - your sites are connected to two different Tier 3 Internet providers
  • Relevance - your hosting service matchines your business needs, including basic sites, Content Management Systems and even web stores

E-mail Hosting


E-mail has become the standard in business communication, whether it is sending a quote to a customer, managing work flow with employees, or catching up on the go with your smart phone. In many industries, e-mail is required to do business. Now, having e-mail identified with your business is easier than ever. With Yes! We Host E-mail, you get:

  • Recognition - your e-mail that is closely identified with you and your company
  • Regularity - your e-mail that does not change when you change who you get Internet from (or when they change on you!)
  • Robustness- your e-mail runs in a Data Center environment so that even if your office is down, your e-mail isn't

Web Sites

Hard Hat

Web sites come in many different flavors and sizes. The bottom line is that your business needs a web site that is ready for business! Whether its connecting with customers, showing real estate listings, or interacting through forms and survesy, Yes! We Build! can provide the right site for you:

  • Trackable - sites are built with techniques to make sure new and existing customers can track you down and you can track how your site is doing
  • Timely - sites are built to make it easy to keep information up to date so the site is always relevant
  • Tools - sites use open-source tools that make managing updates, checking forms, etc. to make it easy and affordable to work with your site

Web Stores

Hard Hat

Opening a web store is much like opening a new physical store. Your web store will need to display merchandise, highlight specials, manage sales and take money. Web stores from Yes! We Build combine consulting, build-out and options for ongoing store management with a focus on:

  • Location - your web store is designed to be easily found and in some cases the best solution may be to join in a larger e-deparment store
  • Logical - your web store is built to be a natural extension of your business and the things that already make you successful
  • Logistics - your web store includes tools for managing order flow and can be connected with additional services to have logistics managed for you

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